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    Blue Ivy Narrates Hair Love Audiobook Announced By Matthew A Cherry

    Hair Love Audiobook is now available and even cooler as the book is narrated by Blue Ivy. The most iconic connection between Blue Ivy and Hair Love is how natural Blue Ivy has been when it comes to her own hair.

    We remember Blue Ivy’s infant years as photos were taken of Blue Ivy rocking her hair bands and lose curls.

    Matthew A Cherry made the announcement on Monday saying “Our Hair Love Audiobook is live. Narrated by Blue Ivy Carter.” along with the announcement he played a snipet of Blue’s voice reading the lines.


    In February the animated short film version of the book about an African American father learning to style his daughter’s hair won an Academy Award.


    The young Carter is no stranger to the spotlight.


    In addition to appearing in some of her mother’s music videos and at events with her parents, this year Blue Ivy won her first BET Award for collaborating with her singer mother on the single “Brown Skin Girl.”


    HBO Max, which is owned by CNN’s parent company, has planned a TV series based on “Hair Love.”

    Hair Love has had some controversy during it’s time of elevation as well which makes this moment more honorable.

    Back in September Nickelodeon had to pull a cartoon called “Made by Maddie”. As cute as the cartoon looked the resemblance of the Oscar winning short animation of Hair Love was too similar and fans were not having it.

    When the comparison was brought up Matthew Cherry tweeted saying “I say I ain’t involved and it looks funny in the light”.

    The production company behind the cartoon, Waheed Alli, CEO of Silvergate Media spoke out saying that they were removing the show from the schedule as they garnered further insight into the creative journey of the show.

    Hair Loves uniqueness and distinction has captivated so many, it wouldn’t be hard to idealize Blue Ivy Carter as fan like many brown skinned girls.


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