Bombshell Lawsuits Filed Over $250K That Tom Girardi’s Firm Spent On ‘RHOBH’ Star Erika Jayne

In court, Girardi has been accused of owing money to orphans, widows, and a fire burn victim. Recently, Jayne had to turn over a pair of pricy diamond earrings after it was discovered they were purchased with his client’s funds. The earrings were sold off at a public auction.

Now, the trustee wants to recover any money Girardi spent in the years before he was forced into bankruptcy. The suit reads, “the world eventually learned that Girardi Keese was nothing more than an illicit and felonious business operated to line the rather large pockets of Thomas, his wife, and numerous cohorts. While the Trustee continues to investigate the magnitude of the fraud that spanned decades, it is obvious that millions of dollars of client funds were stolen and diverted to fund the lavish lifestyles of Thomas and other non-deserving parties.”

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