Buffalo Grove Man Rescued After Falling In Trench

Buffalo grove man

In breaking news a Buffalo Grove man ended up falling into a trench. The male correspondent was loaded into an ambulance on the block of 1000 Aspen drive in Buffalo Grove.

The name, as well as the residency of the man has yet been revealed. According to reports he was responding to scene in Buffalo Grove along with a crown of other reporters.

Firefighters were told the trapped person was buried and not breathing.

At one point, a mutual aid call went out, asking for assistance from several area fire departments to help in the rescue.

Responders pulled the Buffalo Grove man out of the trench at about 6:35 p.m.

Soon after they placed him on a stretcher. Then quickly loaded him into an ambulance. He was transported to Northwest Community Hospital in an unknown condition.

According to several news outlets on the scene, rescue workers worked frantically to try to free that individual. Workers dug in what appeared as the front yard of a home.

It’s unclear how or what caused the incident. Nevertheless, co-workers reportedly stood by during the entire rescue attempt. But direct detail on rather or not some other work took place remains unclear.



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