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    A few days ago Wendy Williams show was debating on rather Cardi B was truthfully pregnant. Well an audience member confirmed that it was true. Cardi is said to be upset at the fact that the information was leaked and suspects someone on her team as a snitch. According to Wendy Williams Audience member, Cardi was spotted trying to fit into a high waisted skirt to cover up her belly bump.

    Offset proclaimed baby momma Celina Powell also didn’t shy away from putting Cardi B business out there on twitter during an argument about rather her newborn Karma belonged to Offset or not.

    Cardi has also been dressing in what Socialite might consider cover up style. While accepting an award she had on a big red fluffy dress that no one could tell rather she had a baby bump or not.

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    Well what we do know is that Cardi only has about 3 or 4 more months to have her baby, so e will definitely know by summer.

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