Celebrity Prom Pictures


It is that time of year where prom seakers are looking for fashion influence and what not to wears. We have thirteen celebrity prom photos that will blow your mind.

1. Tiger Woods, this photo may not blow your mind. He still loves the blondes.

2. Ellen Degeneres, totally looks liks she feels ackward im a dress… her parents probably knew back then lol.

3/4. Kobe Bryant and Brandy. These two were in love foreal. Brandy almost cried over him on a Tyra Banks episode.

5. Kim Kardashian, was always im love with the industry boys. She went to prom with Michael Jackson’s nephew TJ Jackson.

6. Busta Rhymes, his hair started back then.

7. Nick Cannon, in a white suite, real hair.. no turbin.

8.Tyra Banks, her pose is always on fleek, hands on her hips.

9. Usher Raymond, without Quantasia Sharpton, lol … and no herpes.

10. Bruno Mars, that hair is still big, same smile.

11. Rihanna, she was ready! This was during her good girl turned bad era. You can say she was ready to graduate to the next level.

12. Lady Gaga, we are so glad she went blonde… and that jersey shore tan is gone. But she is all smiles here, no poker face.

13. Kerry Washington, has a scandalous smile. She was perfect for the role back then.


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