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    Chief Preaches Against Tribalism


    Nii Odum Larteyfio, Blema – Ayawaso Noyaa – Mantse, has urged Ghanaians to eschew tribalism and learn to live together in harmony.

    He made the call in his address to the media on Saturday, April 24, 2021.

    According to him, “I want to use this opportunity to address the issues of tribalism and the effects it has to nation’s development.”

    He added that Ghana was the most peaceful country in Africa and will always be “because we have lived together as one people.”

    ” There is one Ghana with one beautiful culture and tradition, irrespective of which part you are coming from, being a GA, DAGOMBA, EWE, ASANTE OR FANTE. So let’s all see how best to live together as we always used to be.”

    ” America has been the most powerful Country because they’ve not been tribal in their areas of public life. Finally I will like to draw our attention to our style of democracy and politicking in our country, the issue of winner takes all. That is also a way of giving tribalism a chance to operate. If we live well among ourselves without any form of tribalism. I can authoritatively say that Ghana can be the world’s first place for investors to think of whenever they are chosen a place for doing business and investments.”

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