Chris Brown Deny Rape Allegations and Victim Defends him


Chris Brown was reported to be detained in
Paris due to rape allegations early Tuesday morning. It only took a few hours before Chris Brown would speak out on his behalf. The mega star who recently signed a new deal and became the youngest artist to own his master recordings, instantly became a criminal.

Breezy fans were not accepting the rumored allegation and immediately tried to clear his name with the victim involved. Kim Ford stated she was there and was hit by a man who had no relation to Chris Brown. She also stated that when it comes to Chris Browns rape allegations, “nothing happened”.

Kim Ford was not the only one to speak out on Chris Brown’s behalf. T.I.P also went to social media. The rapper posted a photo of Chris Brown’s recent achievements. Underneath the post he captioned “First this…then RAPE allegations”.

Chris Brown had e few choosy words for the alleged victims. Breezy posted a photo on his gram saying “This B!tch lying”.


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