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    Chris Brown’s Ex-housekeeper Demands Singer Be Grilled Under Oath About Savage Dog Attack

    Chris Brown’s ex-housekeeper has demanded their upcoming trial be postponed claiming the singer has delayed the case by failing to sit for a deposition, has learned.

    According to court documents obtained by, Patricia Avila, who worked at Brown’s home with her sister, asked the court to take the scheduled trial date of November 2 off the calendar.

    Avila claimed Brown has “continued to stall and delay” the case.

    As we first reported, Avila and her sister filed separate lawsuits over the incident that occurred on December 12, 2020.

    Avila’s sister claimed she was taking the trash out when a Caucasian Orvchake/Caucasian Shepherd dog named Hades attacked her.

    In her lawsuit, Avila’s sister said the animal “savagely” bit her face, arms and other part of her body. She claimed to have been covered in blood when Brown approached her while on the phone.

    Avila’s sister said she heard Brown instructing his team to take the animals away from the home in an effort to cover up the situation.

    Her lawsuit seeks $71 million in damages. Brown accused Avila’s sister of provoking the attack and causing her own injuries.

    Avila filed her own lawsuit claiming to have been emotionally damaged after witnessing her sister be mauled.

    In her newly filed motion, Avila explained she has struggled to obtain evidence from Brown. She claimed to have been unable to do an inspection of his home with her lawyers because his legal team has imposed strict rules.

    Her lawyer said, “Defense counsel wants to limit what Plaintiff’s counsel can inspect, limit what photographs and videos can be taken of the property to show a reenactment of what transpired on the day of the incident, and do not want the Plaintiff to explore where any security surveillance cameras would have been located at the property, which would have captured the entire incident on video.”

    They added, “The defense claims that Mr. Brown never had a single surveillance security camera at that property at any time, which is almost impossible to believe given that he is one of the most famous artists and singers in the world.”

    Further, during the case, Avila said Brown’s security guard claimed the dog was actually his pet. She said she needs to depose the employee a second time after his first attempt was a disaster.

    Further, she claimed to have been attempting to depose Brown since December 2022. For months, she claims the singer’s team has dragged their feet.

    Avila claimed that Brown’s lawyer postponed a July 10, 2023 deposition claiming his client would be available later this month.

    The ex-housekeeper has asked for an additional 6 months before the case goes to trial.

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