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    Christina Ricci Fighting Ex-husband’s Demand a Monitor Watch Over Actress During Custody Time With Son

    Christina Ricci is asking a judge to shut down her ex-husband James Heerdegen’s demand a monitor be appointed to watch the Yellowjackets star during her time with their son, has learned.

    According to court documents obtained by, Christina filed a declaration as part of her bitter custody battle with James.

    As we first reported, last year, the exec settled their divorce and agreed Christina would have most of the custody. However, months later, the actress rushed to court demanding her ex’s overnight visits with their son be suspended.

    Christina said she made the request at the recommendation of the child’s therapist. James opposed the request and claimed she was psychologically abusing their son and attempting to alienate the child from his father.

    The judge ended up siding with Christina and suspended James’ overnight visits until a hearing later this year. James has been attempting to regain his custody ever since. He recently asked the court to order Christina to enroll and complete co-parenting counseling.

    In addition, he asked that a monitor be appointed to watch Christine during her custodial time with their kid.

    Christina asked the court to deny both requests. She said, since January 2023, James has engaged in “abusive and threatening conduct.”

    “He is using this litigation forum to harass me. He continues to be oppositional. He refuses to compromise in the best interests of our son. Instead, if I don’t capitulate to him, he seemingly doubles-down on his threats and attempts to take custody away from me,” Ricci wrote. “He has threatened to go to the press. Attending co-parenting counseling together will not only be unproductive, but, more importantly, it will give [James] another forum in which to harass and abuse me.”

    In regard to the request for a monitor, Christina said there is no evidence to support such a request. “In fact, the evidence is clearly to the contrary” given the concerns from their child’s therapist, she said.

    She accused James of illegally tape-recording their son in an effort to use it as evidence in the court battle. Her lawyer added, “it is abundantly clear from the pleadings that have been filed since January 2023 that [James] has no interest in facilitating communication with Christina or reducing the conflict.”

    Christina demanded $2,500 in sanctions from her ex for his alleged abuse of the court process.

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