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    Coi Leray Apologizes to Tami Roman after Jazz Anderson’s Diss Track

    24-year-old Coi Leray apologizes to Tami Roman after Roman’s daughter Jazz Anderson’s diss track over Leray’s single “Blik Blick”.

    Tami Romans daughter Jazz Anderson is got reactions from social media about the Coi Leray diss track, “Blick Bick” that she recently dropped. Although Anderson typically raps about guy experiences, she decided to use her talent towards standing by her mom’s side.

    Earlier this week Tami Roman commented on the feud between the “Twinnem” musician’s dad, Benzino, and television boss 50 Cent.

    Leray originally dropped the single “Blick Blick” featuring Nicki Minaj, Jazz freestyled over the track.  Tami Roman’s daughter took jabs at Leray’s rise to success in the business, including her recent album sales.

    Andersons diss track, “11K in sales, that make me want to go to war. You had all them features and still got ignored.” She also took shots at Leray’s previous relationships with rappers Trippy Redd and Canada-based emcee Pressa, rapping lyrics such as “Do like Trippy did to you and let it go.” She later went on to say, “hold up, hold up, hold up, I got question, you was with the n-gga who you said look like b-tch. So, who f-cked who with the d-ck.”

    The diss aims at Benzino’s daughters’ controversy over album sales.

    Coi Leray Collins dropped the studio album “Trendsetter” earlier this month. The album features top artists like Lil Durk, G Herbo and Polo G. The new artists first album also debuted at No. 89 earlier this month.

    While some claimed the Coi sold only 9,000 copies her first week, the Boston-born emcee later took to the comments sections of blog posts to clarify that she had sold 11,500.

    Collin’s said that while it isn’t enough to put her at the number-one spot, it “ain’t no race” to success, but instead a “marathon.”

    The new artist came at Roman after the reality start commented on the Collins family feud and 50 Cent. The Bonnet Chronicles creator said, under a blog post writing, “This is going to be a mess because 50 ain’t wrapped too tight.”

    The 24-year-old replied to Roman, saying that she should mind her business and be an example.

    Although many respect Anderson’s flow, some were not feeling the diss track.

    One Instagrammer wrote, “This ain’t even had to go this far, I think Coi just misread the situation cause Tami was actually on her side.”

    Another person commented, “The diss isn’t bad just wasn’t needed. Lol it wasn’t that serious.” “But why?” asked another person.

    Coi has since apologized for addressing Tami and claimed she will address the diss record from her daughter at a later date.

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