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    Comedian Steve Brown was attacked by a member in the audience during a comedy show in South Carolina. The show was on Sunday, January 21st, 2018. The comedy show was at a club called “The Comedy House”. The attacker appeared to be a fan. The gentleman was sitting in the front row of the show.
    The crazed fan then decided to jump on stage and attack the comedian. Still no indication as to why the attacker jumped on stage. However, the crazed fan showed a lot of aggression towards the comedian. The attacker at one point tried to hit the comedian with the microphone.

    Once, the fight was broken up, the attacker was pulled off stage. The attacker is seen trying to walk back on stage to fight again.
    After the incident Steve Brown went on Instagram saying ” Mic stands are a bitch. In the future I’m gonna start pulling mic stands on these niccas.”

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