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    Court Records Detailing Post Malone’s Alleged Abuse Against Ex-Girlfriend Sealed by Judge After Her Emotional Plea

    Post Malone’s ex-girlfriend Ashlen Diaz was successful in convincing a judge to seal court records that detailed allegations the rapper physically abused her during their relationship.

    According to court documents obtained by, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge ruled this week that all filings that referenced the claims were not to be viewed by the public.

    In the documents, Diaz’s former lawyer, who sued her and Post, asked for permission to amend his lawsuit. He said he possessed texts and photographic evidence that showed Post had been physically and emotionally abusive to Diaz during their 3-year relationship.

    In his original lawsuit, the lawyer who worked at the law firm Martorell Law claimed he was hired by Diaz after her breakup from Post in 2018.

    Diaz wanted Post to pay her palimony, which is a form of support for partners who were never married. The firm said it spent time on the case before Post ended up convincing Diaz to drop her lawyer.

    The lawyer said Post ended up paying Diaz $350k to settle her claims. The lawsuit claimed Diaz owed them a percentage of the settlement and demanded damages from Post for convincing Diaz to drop them.

    Post argued he had no control over Diaz and demanded the suit be dismissed.

    In the newly filed documents, the firm argued Post did have control over Diaz because of the alleged past abuse.

    The lawyer said Post “pressured and coerced” Diaz to drop them “in order to avoid paying a higher settlement sum, and in order to continue manipulating his victim, Defendant Diaz, using his money, power, and control over her to prevent her story from being shared with the world and to avoid near-certain litigation.”

    The lawyer said Diaz had informed him, “that she suffered from acts of domestic abuse during her dating relationship with Defendant Post.”

    In his motion, the attorney said he had photos and texts that showed “physical abuse within” Post and Diaz’s relationship along with “emotional abuse and control within the” relationship.

    The lawyer accused Post of using his position as “one of the most famous musicians in the world to ensure Ms. Diaz did not work, did not make her own money, did not celebrate certain competitive musicians, did not interact with certain men, and did not have independence.”

    He argued, “It simply cannot be the case that one of the world’s most powerful celebrities with a documented history of physical and emotional abuse towards his romantic partner uses his power and money to deprive her of legal representation.”

    Diaz’s new lawyer filed an emergency motion days later demanding the filings be sealed. Post’s ex said she was “shocked” to see her ex-lawyer’s motion that contained “confidential” information. She pleaded for the documents to be sealed claiming it could hurt Post’s career as an entertainer.

    The judge ended up siding with Diaz but has yet to rule on whether the lawyer can amend his lawsuit.

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