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    Courteney Cox Proved She’s A Monica With Her Kitchen

    If you’ve seen even one episode of the iconic show Friends, you probably remember that Monica Geller was a TOTAL neat freak.

    Well, Courteney Cox — who brought the character to life — posted a recent video to Instagram that made me want to channel my inner Monica.

    Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

    “Tell me you’re a Monica without telling me you’re a Monica. I’ll go first,” she said while Outkast’s “So Fresh, So Clean” played in the background.

    The actor responded by pulling out a cooking utensil drawer where EVERYTHING had its own home and was perfectly in its place!

    Courteney Cox / instagram.com

    Imagine not spending a whole five minutes rifling through your drawer to find what you’re looking for.

    Then, she opened her spice drawer, where EVERY SINGLE INGREDIENT was in a matching container. And each one was LABELED!

    And then, she opened her pantry door and revealed EVEN MORE organization!!

    Courteney Cox / instagram.com

    MAJOR props to Courteney for finding the energy to fill up each of these containers after she gets home from the grocery store. Just going food shopping is enough of a chore for me.

    Naturally, people in the comments were obsessed. Musician Joe Sumner joked, “Monica is such a Courteney.”

    One fan wrote that Courteney “was born” to play Monica:

    And actor Sarah Hyland wrote that she had an organizational orgasm:

    Thanks for giving us some kitchen inspiration, Courteney! Now, excuse me while I try to organize my life.

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