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    Who is Cyntoia Brown, she was kidnapped by a sex trafficking ring in her teen years. However, the ring would face a turn of events. They had no idea Cyntoia Brown would end up fighting to protect herself and killing the offender through self defense. Although her terrifying details were presented in court her defensive cry was not recognized in the American system as protection. Instead of them sending a teen to counseling they sent her to prison.

    As a teen Cyntoia Brown was approached by a pimp by the name of “Cut Throat”. He snatched her off the streets and took her to be beaten a raped bye many men, then sold to a 43 year old child predator who took her to his home to use her for sex.

    What the predators did not know was what they were up against, a fighter, a strong determined survivor. Cyntoia had enough, she shot the 43 year old man. In attempt to escape she found herself in handcuffs, and charged as an adult.
    Brown now 28 years old is serving a life sentence not eligible for parole until she is 69 years old. During her time she has accomplished to receive her associates while in jail and deliver a compelling speech during her ceremony.
    When Media heard the outrage they could not believe it. How are you convicted as a murder after you are raped, beaten, and kidnapped, and then you kill in self defense to escape. It is like having to choose jail or a predators home. Celebrities are outraged. Rihanna poured out a cry to release Cyntoia, T.I and other celebs speak against this injustice. Kim Kardashian went as far to contact her own attorneys to see what can be done for Cyntoia Brown.
    pressplay to hear her story

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