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    Danielle Bregoli Earns $900,000 Endorsement With CopyCat Beauty

    Danielle Bregoli has been making money since she went viral for her episode on DR. Phil. She says it was not Dr. Phil who brought her fame. By the looks of it, people just love her social media presence. Not only has she proven to attract people by her personality, Bhad Bhabie has been blessed through the music industry. She has become the youngest female rap artist to debut on the Billboard music chart.

    Most recently, the girl with the red ponytail has been a catch for the Make up and fashion Industry. Danielle Bregoli just signed an endorsement deal with CopyCat Beauty and raked in a cool $900,000 in the process. According to XXL, The deal is currently for six months, with an option to extend the deal for another three years if all goes well. As it stands now, the young rapper born Danielle Bregoli will also get a percentage of the company’s sales, and there is even potential for her own line in the future. Don’t expect the Dr. Phil alum to turn into a YouTube beauty blogger, however — she’s made it clear that that’s off-brand. Instead, she’ll simply be integrating the makeup products organically into her social media posts and music videos.

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    Danielle still has plenty more th rank in during 2019, as she will have her reality show,on Snapchat titled “Bringing Up Bhabie”. The 12-episode docuseries will give insight into Bhabie’s personal life and music career.
    Danielle Bregoli also has a lawsuit money in the works against a music app called Vezt for using her image and likeness without her permission. Should she win, Bhad Bhabie stands to bring in another $3 million.

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