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    DJ Mustard Awarded His Music Catalog in Divorce After Ex-Wife Agrees to Deal

    Music producer DJ Mustard scored a huge win in his bitter divorce after his ex-wife agreed their prenuptial agreement was valid.

    According to court documents obtained by, Mustard [real name: Dijon McFarlane] and Chanel McFarlane informed the court they reached a deal.

    The deal stated both agreed the prenuptial agreement signed on October 9, 2020 is valid and enforceable. Chanel admitted she signed the prenup without being under duress or undue influence.

    “The Parties did not lack capacity to enter into the Premarital Agreement on October 9, 2020,” the deal said.

    In addition, “The Parties acknowledge and agree that pursuant to their binding and enforceable Premarital Agreement dated October 9, 2020, [Mustard’s] music and music catalog, no matter when it was created, is his sole and separate property.”

    For the past 13 years, Mustard has been extremely busy working with everyone from Soulja Boy, Tyga Meek Mill, YG, Jeezy, Teyana Taylor, Rick Ross, Jennifer Lopez, Nipsey Hussle, Britney Spears, Chris Brown, Demi Lovato, Megan Thee Stallion and countless others.

    Mustard said Chanel mailed out 5 subpoenas to third parties that sought documents that were “not relevant” to the divorce.

    He said the subpoenas sought information dating back to 2016, years before they got married.

    He said if Chanel has her way, “she will use an abusive discovery strategy to cause this divorce to last longer than the entire length of the marriage.”

    At the time, Mustard’s lawyer wrote, “This should be a simple and straightforward case given that the parties’ Premarital Agreement predetermines the division of property, and furthermore, predetermines the issue of spousal support. In fact, Dijon has already paid Chanel the entirety of spousal support due and owing to her in accordance with the Premarital Agreement and Chanel accepted the payment Even the issue of child support was resolved by the Court after the parties conducted financial discovery on the issue and attended a fully briefed hearing on July 12, 2023.”

    The subpoenas are now moot since the parties agreed the prenup was valid.

    As we previously reported, Chanel claimed she learned the music producer filed for divorce from the media.

    “I found out [Mustard] filed for divorce via social media out of nowhere. Not one argument or disagreement was had leading up to this. [Mustard] insisted I leave the family home and start over,” she said.

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