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    ‘DWTS’ Stud Mauricio Umansky’s Waltzes Into $12 Million Mansion Lawsuit

    Dancing with the Stars stud Mauricio Umansky has waltzed his way into another real estate scandal, and only can exclusively reveal the shocking legal battle.

    A Los Angeles homeowner filed a lawsuit against the Umansky-owned UMRO Realty Corp. charging its brokers placed the tenants from hell into his house where they proceeded to allegedly cause about $1 million in damages to the property, furniture, designer clothes, paintings, and even the garden!

    In the lawsuit, the hellions allegedly busted into the home’s off-limits wine cellar and either drank or made about $100,000 worth of vintage bottles disappear.

    The seething lawsuit also accused UMRO of knowing the renter’s history of “contractual fraud” but amazingly vouched for them anyway in an alleged money-making scheme to place them in the $55k per month $12 million mansion in Pacific Palisades.

    “At the end of the Lease term (i.e., April 17, 2021) the Tenants refused to vacate the Premises and return possession thereof to the Plaintiffs and to file an unlawful detainer action to regain possession of the Premises from the Tenants,” the suit filed by Stephen McPherson in L.A. Superior Court stated. “Plaintiffs have been forced to incur additional legal fees as a result.”

    This is not the first time Umansky has been accused of conducting a shady business deal through UMRO, which goes by the uber-swanky name The Agency.

    As reported, Kyle Richards’ estranged husband is being sued by a developer and his realtor for allegedly ignoring their $40 million bid seized home for Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, the sticky-fingered playboy son of the president of the oil-rich African nation Equatorial Guinea.

    Umansky quietly sold the Malibu spread to himself and partner Mauricio Oberfeld, who then resold the mansion for nearly $70 million a year later, netting a $37 million profit.

    That battle is also being waged in L.A. Superior Court, where the developer seeks about $35 million in damages.

    McPherson’s lawsuit was filed in May 2021 naming UMRO and two of its real estate agents who steered the married couple into the furnished mansion in October 2020 under a six-month lease, documents showed.

    “During their occupancy at the Premises, the (tenants) have engaged in extreme, outrageous and wrongful conduct,” the lawsuit stated before unleashing a list of horrifying allegations.

    The couple allegedly rummaged through a storage closet and damaged expensive collector designer clothes, removed artwork from the walls and furniture — some pieces reportedly vanished – uprooted the garden, and gifted two couches to the housekeeper’s husband!

    The lawsuit claimed UMRO should have known the couple had about a half-dozen claims filed against them for conducting the same type of alleged homesteading — especially since the realty company was involved in a similar 2015 judgment that involved a $131k payout.

    “They introduced the Tenants to the Plaintiffs in the Lease Transaction despite the risk of harm evidenced by the (the couples) extensive history of fraud and unlawful detainer; – they brought a shell corporation, represented by a convicted felon to the Plaintiffs as a prospective tenant in the Lease Transaction and they failed to inform the Plaintiffs of those facts,” the lawsuit stated.

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    UMRO denied the allegations and filed a cross-complaint against the couple and the shell company used to rent the home, documents showed.

    “Each of the Cross-Defendants were responsible in whole or in part for the injuries, if any suffered by plaintiffs in this case,” the lawsuit stated.

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