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    Ed Sheeran Dancing In New Video Goes Viral, See Why

    Big Narstie released a video for his latest song Groundwork last month featuring Papoose and Ed Sheeran dancing to a new track. The video so far played on YouTube alone with over 1 million views.

    Big Narstie whose real name is Tyrone Lindo an English grime MC with hits as far back as 2002. His fame included his membership as the grime crew N-Double-A, but he’s better known for his solo work.

    He shot to prominence back in 2006, when he signed to Dice Recordings, an independent record label. His song Brushman – which sampled tracks by Oasis, Coldplay and Arctic Monkeys – was one of the first grime/indie records to receive support from multiple mainstream radio stations.

    He is also known for his YouTube videos and Uncle Pain agony aunt-style parody.

    So how did Papoose and Ed Sheeran link up with Big Narstie?

    I first discovered Papoose’s music and I’ve got a bit star-struck when I just met him and it’s an absolute pleasure,” Ed Sheeran said during a clip. “I think your wordplay is fantastic and phenomenal and it’s an absolute pleasure to meet you. Everyone knows you’ve got fantastic wordplay. Everyone does.”

    Papoose wrote in the caption: “Honored to find out @teddysphotos is a fan/supporter of my music. He’s extremely talented. But was still humble enough to approach me. And show his appreciation, for what I do. Much respect. #thoughtockiniwasgonnastopchallenge #october out now. Peace to the @nyknicks @dave_huie.”

    The three mega artists teaming up is surprised fans. But actually, seeing Ed Sheeran move with hood swag was even more shocking. A Tik Tok account reposted a snippet of Big Narstie, Papoose and Ed Sheeran recording. Some people are saying Ed Sheeran has no business dancing the way he is dancing during the video. But the smiles Papoose and Big Narstie shared during the recordings says Ed Sheeran was more than approved. Check out Ed Sheeran dancing in the video below and let us know what you think.

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