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    Ellen Pompeo Making Big Demands Ahead of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Return: Sources

    “Ellen’s developed an even bigger head since she left the show. She was already conceited but now bosses are trying to lure her back, and she’s ruthlessly crowing about it,” whispered an insider.

    In February, Pompeo, 53, walked away from the role of Meredith Grey, which she originated in 2005 — but sources say bigshots are begging the TV doc to come back to the ailing ABC series because it’s hemorrhaged viewers.

    “Ellen thinks the show was suffering because she wasn’t on it,” dished the spy. “She is demanding a big payday — and she was already making a sickening amount before.”

    By the time Pompeo hung up her surgeon’s scrubs, she was said to be making around $19 million annually — and raking in hundreds of thousands more in syndication cash.

    One insider shared that the actress is allegedly making several demands before she makes her decision.

    “Word is she’s looking for $20 million for the next season — and other perks like a personal trainer, a masseur, and special catering because she’s particular about what she eats,” the tipster squealed. has reached out to Pompeo’s rep for comment.

    “She has a colossal ego and was constantly throwing her weight around when it came to other people’s performances and storylines,” said an insider. “Some people called her a tyrant and they’re glad they won’t be seeing her around anymore.”

    “She became overbearing,” shared a second source. “That rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, from the production assistants all the way up to her co-stars. Truthfully, no one will miss her.”

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