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    Fans Jump to Defend Ari Fletcher When Body Shamers Attack Her Thighs

    Ari Fletcher IG tennis outfit looks like fun times in the sun.

    Ari Fletcher IG style is typically full of short dresses and bikinis. Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a frequent one, there’s always something catchy to see at Ari Fletcher’s Instagram account. With an ever-changing feed of inspiring landscapes, interesting perspectives and creative compositions, this entrepreneurs page is well worth a follow.

    Ariana recently shared a fun time photo with the caption tennis. She sported a white tennis hat along with a lime green tennis skirt with matching top. But the tennis skills were not in question. It was her thighs.

    Although the entrepreneur usually dresses in short shorts, mini’s and bikinis, shamers chose this photo to attack her thighs.

    One person said, where’s your ankles??

    Another person said, Ari one meal away from being fat…slow down.

    Someone else came for her weight also saying, Hella cellulite… hope you was working out playing tennis for at least two hours jigsaw.

    Another spammer said, Well damnnnn yo legs huge AF compared to yo friend. Must be all those seafood boils, hot wings and burgers you be eating on live.

    But Fletcher’s true fans jumped to her defense. Letting body shamers know their comments were unnecessary.

    One person said, These spam pages on it.

    Another commented, Okay BODYYYY & Legs to match 😍😍😍🔥🔥 that’s what we like.

    Bernice Burgos also commented with heart eyed emojis.

    Nevertheless, Fletcher doesn’t seem to be paying attention to the haters. She shared her next spotting at KOD posing in some lingerie with her thick thighs.

    Also captioning the post saying, First stop MIAMI we at KOD 🔥🔥🔥 We make a movie everytime!!! Let’s do it.

    The business owners fashion sense never fails. She launched her own hair company, KYCHE Extensions. She did so with no prior business experience but used the lessons she’s learned over the years to apply them to other ventures.


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