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    Fans React To Mulamwah Girlfriend’s $1 Flower – Celebrity Entertainment

    Fans React as Mulamwah Gifts Girlfriend $1 Flower in Celebrity Entertainment. While most women were receiving luxurious gifts worth millions on Valentine’s Day, comedian Mulamwah decided to surprise his woman with a gift worth Ksh 40-literally a comedian.

    This was beyond people’s expectations, considering Mulamwah is big in celebrity entertainment and typically ceflaunts huge chunks of notes worth millions on his Instagram.

    We all expected a sumptuous gift from the jester; since he introduced the new girlfriend late last year; after dumping his long-term girlfriend Carol Sonnie.

    Contrary to our expectations, Mulamwah decided to surprise us with his 40 shillings gift. Unlike other celebrities like Diana Marua; who received gifts like cars and land on Valentine’s, Ruth (Mulamwah’s girlfriend) got a flower.

    She was, however, taken out on a date by his new bae.

    He posted a lovely picture with Ruth and captioned; ”HAPPY VALENTINES BEB , @ATRUTHK ♥

    2 days ago, Mulamwah’s ex-girlfriend Carol Sonnie disclosed that Mulamwah had taken up her Instagram accounts immediately after they went their separate ways. She went ahead to divulge that she has taken over a new leaf; and started over her new Instagram & Facebook accounts.

    The two had already sired a daughter together (Keilah Oyando) before their break-up. But Mulamwah promised to take care of her despite the separation. Fair enough for her!
    Check out some reactions from Mulamwah’s post; Source: Ghafla

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