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    Former Chadian President dies from coronavirus while serving life sentence in jail


    A convicted former President of Chad, Hissène Habré, has reportedly died while undergoing treatment for novel coronavirus.

    Local media reports monitored by African Entertainment says he died aged 79.

    Mr Habré was serving a life sentence for crimes against humanity.

    It would be recalled that he was found guilty in 2016 of crimes committed while he was president from 1982 to 1990.

    His conviction was the outcome of a trial in Senegal.

    His trial marked the first that an African Union-backed court had tried a former ruler for human rights abuses.

    He was among other things, accused of being behind rape, sexual slavery and ordering killings while in power.

    He, however, denied any knowledge of the crimes. Mr Habré was overthrown in and a commission of inquiry set up in Chad reported that his administration carried out some 40,000 politically motivated murders and 200,000 cases of torture in the eight years he was in power.


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