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    Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wades Daughter Kaavia Cracks Us Up

    Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wades daughter, Kaavia never fails us with the comments.

    The three-year-old CEO just showed social media how much kids really watch their parents.

    The former NBA star Dwyane Wade and his wife shared her hilarious reaction to the former Miami Heat player returning home to his family.

    “Mommy? Can I do that,” the precocious 3-year-old asked the “Bad Boys II” star in a recent Instagram post. In it, the toddler wrapped her arms and legs around her parents, while they hugged. “No, ma’am,” the 49-year-old best-selling author answered.

    Gabrielle and Dwyane laughed as they made way for the “Janie and Jack” clothing founder.  The “Being Mary Jane” star signed off the post with a simple caption: “Daddy’s Home.”

    Socialites couldn’t stop commenting on the moment. the video quickly gained over two million views since the “Bring It On” star uploaded the snippet on Sunday, June 26. “Say what you want about them, but this is real love not perfect not scripted just love and I’m here for it omg,” Careersisters commented.

    Another person (Kathiebennet79) commented, “Look how Beautiful this is. So Beautiful”

    But Kaavia Wade never renders a dull moment. Last month her parents shared a video of her talking to fans while spending quality time with her father. During the video, the toddler explained how her mom washed her hair as a baby. “I was a baby Kaavia when my mom would wash my hair,” the little one explained.

    Prior to that Gabrielle Union-Wade shared a clip of Kaavia asking her to repeat a line to her dad. In the video, “The Cheaper By The Dozen” star sat on the stairs with her daughter. She said, “You gone cry when I leave.” Kaavia then turns to her and says, mommy can you say that to daddy.” Her mom says, “I say that to daddy all the time”. As her father stood there, she then looked at him. She said, “Daddy watch this that my mommy’s gon..” but mom interrupts her and says, “you think daddy’s going to cry?” Dwayne Wades daughter quickly stops and looks at him, not wanting him to cry.

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