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    Gianno Caldwell Fox 3 Political Analyst Brother Shot Outside Church

    Gianno Caldwell from Fox 32 Chicago political analyst appeared on “Good Day Chicago” to talk about his 18-year-old brother, Christian who was shot outside of their church.

    On Friday morning, Christian stood outside of a venue on 114th s Vincennes, across the street from a church. Caldwell says four men came out of a black SUV and began shooting. About 5o shell cases laid on the scene. Other victims injured as well, including one lady and man. Both in critical condition with multiple surgeries.

    Gianno Caldwell began working for Fox 32 news in 2016.

    Prior to working for Fox, he served as a legislative associate in the Illinois State Treasurer’s Office from January 2011 to July 2012. He also worked as a press and site advance staffer on Republican senator Mitt Romney’s 2012 Presidential Campaign for five months. He also interned for Congressman John Shimkus for nine months and then established a bi-partisan consulting firm called Caldwell Strategic Consulting in Washington D.C. in May 2013.

    The 35-year-old political analyst, and podcast host wrote a book in 2019, titled “Taken For Granted”. The book focused on his poor childhood while living in Chicago. His Grandmother raised him due to a drug addicted mother. He experienced living without water, light, and gas.

    On Monday morning, Gianno Caldwell broke down in tears. He stated the Chicago police work in fear, but the criminals do not fear them. He asked for harder punishment and support for the police. Stating if nothing is done it could happen to anyone. “Do you want to be the next Gianno Caldwell on Fox 32, talking about his baby brother who was just murdered.”

    Additionally, he explained, he wouldn’t have this much attention about his brother had he not worked as a political analyst. As well as Fox news informed, they would make his story a priority in national news to find the shooters.

    The member of Living Word Christian Center in Forest Park Illinois says he believes in forgiveness. But urges anyone who has tips on the shooter to message him and turn them in. “Forgiveness comes with accountability. But there is a change that can be made in those people’s lives.”

    As primary election for Illinois runs on Tuesday June 28th citizens look for officials who will enforce gun control.

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