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    Halloween Candy Thieves Are Caught on Camera

    Halloween candy thieves were caught on camera over the weekend.

    A boy in the lake hills neighborhood was caught on camera with the buddies stealing a bucket of candy from a neighbor’s porch.

    The kid and his friend walked up to the porch knelt over and picked up a few pieces of candy. But then he hesitatingly decided to grab a full white clear plastic bucket of candy and run off with it.

    The homeowner shared the video of the kid caught on camera. The resident captioned the video saying “good evening if you’re the parent of this kid or happened to know this young man and white please message me he stole our plastic container at 6:52 p.m. on south branch and lake hills I couldn’t care less about the remainder of the candy taken and the container is not a significant value but out of principal I’d like him to return the container in person. Looks like a white soccer jersey with the number 7 on the back as his costume. Hope everyone else had a happy Halloween”.

    The neighbors couldn’t help but notice the post in the neighbor app.

    One person commented that they actually saw the boy earlier in a Ronaldo jersey number 7 with white and green letters. But the commentor also stated that unfortunately they didn’t know the kid. The just remembered his costume. Another neighbor commented saying this must be a tick tock challenge or something everyone is saying their bowls were taken.

    This sparked a debate over the incident. One neighbor commented saying, “so you left a bowl of candy and expected it not to be taken. Not excusing the behavior. But really folks that’s naive. It’s called trick or treat for a reason. In some areas it’s called devil’s night. I am 66, if someone left for full ball of candy unattended back when I was a kid it would have been gone before the second kid.
    Another person coming to after saying, “no not naive”. “Don’t send your kid out trick or treating alone if they don’t know how to respect other people’s property”.

    Another incident of Halloween candy thieves were caught on camera.

    The video shows the girl walking up to the porch and grabbing a piece of candy. She left but then walked back up to the porch to grab the entire bucket and ran to a car. The homes residents ran out of the home in time to stop the car and retain their bucket of candy.
    You guys do you think that the parent is at fault for not taking their kid out trick-or-treating or is it the fault of the homeowner who left a full bucket of candy on the porch comment below and let us know

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