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    Halloween Games That Work for Thanksgiving Games

    Thanksgiving games are one of the most searched keywords towards the holiday. Of course there are the traditional  board games but throwing in something  a little extra or a little different may make this Thanksgiving a little more memorable. I took some inspiration from my Halloween games and thought hey this would be pretty cool for the next holiday..


    As most people handed out candy, there may be some extra treats lying around that could extend to the next holiday for Thanksgiving games. Check for Laffy Taffy papers to play joke trivia’s. This game is fun to play in teams. 


    Have each team with either a buzzer or clapper, the team who buzzes the fastest gets the chance to complete the answer to the Laffy Taffy jokes. If you are playing  with ALL adults, have each losing team take a shot.


    If you don’t have Laffy Taffy candy, you can still play this game.  Best Life Online has an article with 50 Laffy Taffy jokes to play with.


    Why not celebrate with a Thanksgiving hunt?  Grab some empty Halloween eggs and fill them with candy or money. Make sure you have a timer or set time for the hunt to end. Although I couldn’t find any Thanksgiving shaped plastic eggs to fill with treats I found orange eggs, and some that were in fall colors.


    You can also play a game of Thank You or No Thanks where everyone tells a story of an offer, preferably personal experiences and the family has to guess if they said thanks or no thanks to the offer.


    Take a swing, why not have a pinatas? Etsy has Thanksgiving pinatas for under 60 dollars. This will be fun to work off the food and take home some treats as well.


    If you have some Thanksgiving game ideas or inspiration from Halloween games, leave them in the comments below or post them to our social media pages on all social platforms.



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