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    HGTV Star Nicole Curtis Bitter Settles Court Battle With Ex Over 6-Year-Old Son

    HGTV star Nicole Curtis and her ex have settled their never-ending court war over their 6-year-old son, has learned.

    According to court documents obtained by, the 45-year-old Rehab Addict star and her ex-Shane Maguire have informed the court they resolved all outstanding issues.

    Per their deal, all non-emergency matters regarding their child will be discussed through the court Family Wizard app, which records all conversations. The parties will not speak via text or email.

    Further, they agreed that “any violation of the custody/visitation provisions in this order may result in civil or criminal penalties or both.”

    As first reported, last year, Shane demanded the custody agreement over their son Harper be modified.

    Nicole and Shane reached a custody deal in 2018 after fighting for years. They agreed to share joint physical and legal custody.

    Nicole even helped Shane move to California after she moved to Los Angeles from Michigan. In his motion, Shane claimed that things had changed drastically since the initial agreement.

    He demanded a provision be added that barred either parent from leaving the state without consent.

    Shane claimed Nicole “travels with Harper during her custodial time, often taking red-eye flights, and returning Harper home in the late night/early morning hours the eve of a school day. This is not good for our soon and he has expressed to me on numerous occasions that he does not like getting him [sic] so late before a school day.”

    Further, he claimed his ex often informed him their son was set to travel only minutes before they boarded a plane.

    Another modification he requested regarding posting Harper on social media. He said Nicole did not follow the agreed upon restrictions. As a result, he wanted the provision removed.

    Nicole claimed she worked extremely hard to follow their 2018 deal terms.

    The HGTV star said, “because I frequently have to travel for work, every single member of my team, from my assistants to my agent, has a copy of the Stipulation, which we refer to as “the bible,” so that they can coordinate my schedule.”

    Nicole even accused, Shane and his new girlfriend of having “repeatedly posted private and personal information about me, Harper, and [Shane’s] custodial matter on social media.”

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