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    Hunter Biden Agrees to Reveal ‘Substantial’ Amount Spent on Legal Team as Ex Demands Answers in Child Support Case

    Hunter Biden has agreed to answer his ex Lunden Roberts‘ questions about how he’s been paying his high-powered legal team while begging for his child support payments to be reduced, has learned.

    According to court documents obtained by, President Biden’s son has responded to Lunden’s demand he turns over financial records related to payments to attorneys.

    Her motion read, “The amount of money paid to these attorneys is indicative of the defendant’s income and his ability to pay money for child support.”

    Back in 2019, Lunden sued Hunter to establish paternity and for support for their now 4-year-old daughter Navy Roberts. A deal was reached in March 2020 over child support. However, last year, Hunter went back to court pleading for his payments to be decreased based on a change in his financial situation.

    Lunden has objected to the request claiming Hunter has refused to turn over all his financial information. In addition, she claimed he had failed to reveal all of his sources of income in court.

    Lunden said Hunter had the ability to pay Abbe Lowell, “a Washington DC attorney, $855 per billable hour.”

    She noted his team also includes another lawyer named Kevin Morris, who has worked with Matthew McConaughey, Ellen DeGeneres, Scarlett Johansson, Zoe Saldana, Liam Hemsworth, and Chris Rock.

    She argued his ability to pay, “such a well-connected, successful attorney, and member of the Hollywood elite, is also indicative of the [Hunter’s] influence, prestige, and importance.”

    She demanded he turn over the records arguing this was necessary because, “there are widespread media reports that Mr. Biden has received a “loan” from a friend—attorney Kevin Morris—as payment to the IRS to satisfy his nearly $2 million dollar tax liability.”

    Lunden said, she, “has evidence that [Hunter] has not fully disclosed his income sources, residences, assets, and property. This evidence is bolstered by the fact that the [Hunter] refuses to provide full discovery in this matter.”

    In his newly filed response, obtained by, Hunter accused his ex of filing the wrong type of motion for her request. Despite this, he said he would provide Lunden with information about the payments in question.

    Further, he admitted he, “admits he has incurred substantial personal loans to which he is indebted and subject to repayment for attorneys fees he has incurred.”

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