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    Jordyn Woods News – Message To Khloe Kardashian And Tristan

    In the latest Jordyn Woods news she has a subliminal message To Khloe Kardashian And Tristan Thompson is pretty apparent based on the last comment she had towards Khloe before the cheating scandal broke.

    Back in February 2019 the same month Jordyn Woods news broke, Jordyn posted a photo of herself wearing braids with the caption saying “all face”. Details of the Tristan and Jordyn scandal had slipped into the public, however Jordyn had not made a comment yet.

    Sources had already confirmed that, “Jordyn stayed at Tristan’s house partying with him and his friends until the early hours of the morning, and they were very touchy. They sat together on the couch and were talking and cuddling for hours. They had chemistry the entire night and everyone could see it… You could tell they were into each other.”

    Jordyn Woods News

    As time unveiled that the rumors had truth, the relationship between Khloe and Jordyn diminished, along with the relationship with Khloe and Tristan. However, as time continued Khloe decided to forgive Tristan.

    In the latest Tristan scandal, Thompson is defending his self against an alleged baby momma who claims to have mothered his child prior to him and Khloe’s relationship.

    DNA testing of Tristan Thompson’s alleged child did not match Thompson. The mother of the child says that the test was tampered. In defense Khloe stepped in and submersed her attorney to defend Tristan.

    Socialites were wondering why Khloe was so into having her lawyers protect Tristan, yet says that they are not together. Khloe later stated that she will always have Tristan’s back.

    Apparently Jordyn Woods sees more to the two then just a co-parenting team.

    Jordyn posted a photo of herself looking outward with the caption “It’s all gucci babygirl ✨”

    Maybe one day Khloe will go back to having Jordyn’s back and forgive her with the same magnitude that she forgave Tristan.

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