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    Joshua Bassett Debut EP Interview

    You wrote “Lie Lie Lie” around two years ago. If I were to listen to the first time you played through the song versus what we hear on the record, what would be different?

    When I first wrote it, I didn’t have the guitar part where I go all the way up the guitar and do these different weird chords. I just kept fine-tuning it. There are three verses that nobody will ever hear of that song that are completely different — and each time, I learn something. I would be curious to listen back, I honestly probably don’t even realize the ways it’s evolved. I listened to “Sorry,” the video that I posted on Instagram a year ago, and I evolved so much from that — the way I sing and everything.

    BF: I’m an amateur musician, I just do it for fun, but I wrote a song about an ex a couple years ago and it’s weird still playing it now — I do not feel any of these things anymore, but it’s immortalized. I’m wondering if you’ve had a similar shift in perspective toward your songs?

    Joshua: I think that’s the interesting thing about songs, is that they are time capsules — but at the same time, over time, the meaning changes. I write it about a situation, and then a year later there’s something similar going on, and I’m like, “Wow, this is crazy, now this song totally means this.”

    Also, you said you’re an amateur musician that does it for fun. I’m an amateur musician who does it for fun! I’m telling you, I don’t know anything about music. I’m totally faking my way through all this.

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