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    Kanye and Jay Z For President And Vice President Is Kanye’s Dream

    Kanye West  showed up to his first rally on Sunday on July 28th 2020 in North Carolina.  According to reports the campaign concepts were still in motion. Kanye originally wanted to run the house with preacher Michelle Tidball but reports say he wants Jay-Z.
    Ye made the revelation Sunday before his attention-grabbing rally in South Carolina, telling a local blogger how he realized Jay should be his VP. There are, of course, a couple of big hurdles to this pairing becoming reality … and candidate West addressed them.
    According to Kanye Michelle Tidball says she’d be ok with taking another position in his cabinet if he found a different running mate.
    Kanye spoke out about Jay Z in an interview saying he hadn’t spoken to him in a long time. According to TMZ that proves they’re really “brothers” and bonded for life. 
    No reports on Jay Z’s responce to the request yet, but Kanye says he’s put it out there.
     Kanye says he was getting signs that Jay Z should be his running mate. Listen carefully … sounds like it came down to a coincidence about initials.
    Jay Z may still have some things to consider before accepting the offer. What we do know is that Jay Z backing Kanye may make voters who are not with Kanye more acceptable due to the VP. There will be people fighting against Jay Z due to his past, but in the offset Jay Z has seemed to have evolved into a great business man would be great for the economy.
    Jay Z would also help Kanye’s campaign because he has Beyonce on his side which she has a strong political sense. Beyonce and Kim Kardashian master minding with the two may actually getting some much needed changed done in America. Things like full on prison reform for which Kim Kardashian has fought for would be a starter.
    There are many things to consider with this duo that are both good and possibly not so great. Hopefully, it wouldn’t be the cause of another fall out between the two 

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