Kate Middleton Is Making a Public Statement of Good as She Champions Help For Kids’ Well-Being


On Wednesday Kate Middleton visited the University College London to see a professor and his neuroscience research unit. Her mission during this trip is to help tackle challenges facing young people.

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According to People, the mission will champion the importance of providing solid social and emotional foundations for children in order that their development and emotional resilience as infants can be supported and they can be set on the best pathway for a happy and healthy adulthood, her office says.
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Earlier this year, she met with practitioners and academics from the worlds of neuroscience, mental health, nursing, perinatal care and education in a steering group. They have been getting together throughout the year.

Kate Middleton being a mother of three has adesire for early intervention to help youngsters has been at the heart of Kate’s work on addiction, mental health and young peoples’ well-being.



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