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    Kelly Rowland Dirty Laundry Lyrics Have A Different Meaning in Mom Life

    Kelly Rowland Dirty Laundry Lyrics Would Become Literally True Years Later

    Kelly Rowland dirty laundry lyrics sound like daily chore lyrics in mom life.

    Can you imagine her singing to Titan and Noah, Let’s do this dirty laundry, this dirty laundry. Let’s do this dirty laundry, this dirty laundry. Little did she know, right.

    But the fun fact is her love for mom life. Kelendria Trene Rowland enjoyed time hanging with other moms at the momference.

    She wrote to Instagram, @themomference is celebrating 5 years of hosting Black Moms for a weekend of excellence, community and a much needed mommy break! I am thrilled to be the keynote this year as we celebrate Black Moms everywhere! Join me this Saturday, May 21st. More info via @themomference. DC, see you soon!

    The new author wrote another mom book titled, “Always with You, Always with Me”. The book was co-written with Jessica McKay. The book follows a working mom as she strives to be an active presence in the lives of her children.

    Much like many working moms the character reassures her children with daily adventures that, “Always with you. Always with me. Mommy and child, together we’ll be.”

    The mom of two boys spoke about the release of the book on Hoda and Jenna. Now she joined themomference as a keynote speaker.

    The Momference creators Simona Noce Write and Nikki Osei-Barrette host the conference yearly to uplift black moms.

    Panelist spoke about sex life, legacy, and more. Other guests included Michelle Mckinney, Erica and Mila from Good Mom Bad Mom podcast. Also, Domari Dickenson, Dr Amira Ogunleye, Laura Coates, Angel Gregorio, Neidy Hornsby, Latisha Roberson-Marke, and Savaun Perry.

    To get information in regards to the Momference 2023 click here.

    Kelly Rowland and Jessica McKay’s book can be purchased through Amazon, Barnes and Nobles, and more.

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