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    Kelly Rowland, Mariah Carey, Ashanti Are All Signs of Christmas

    Christmas for us looks like Kelly Rowland movies, Mariah Carey music, and Ashanti albums. As we know it, Mariah Carey is and will always be the queen of the Holiday. Her holiday reign started in 1994 when she released “Merry Christmas”. 


    Of course we were in the mood for traditional holiday songs like “Oh Holy night” and “Santa Claus is Coming To Town”, but it was the original “All I Want For Christmas Is You” that let us know that Mariah was a true festive queen.


    Since the 94’ release there hasn’t been a Holiday without it. People play it so much that a Dallas restaurant attempted to ban the song from being played on their jukebox before 2021 Thanksgiving Day. We call this hating, but to each its own.


    In 2019 Kelly Rowland, who is a Mariah Carey fan, tapped into the holiday spirit by producing her first movie ever, which happened to be a Holiday movie titled, “Merry Liddle Christmas’ ‘. The beginning of a Holiday chronicle details the story of a woman trying to get her dysfunctional family to look picture perfect for the holidays, who falls in love with her neighbor amidst the chaos.


    Rowland posted her proud moment and announcement to social media. In an interview she noted, she’d love to see a 4th “Merry Liddle Christmas Movie: Everyone loves this family”.

    This isn’t Kelly Rowland’s first tap into the holiday spirit with fans. We reflect back to Destiny’s Child, “8 Days of Christmas”. LBS, no one ever made those runs like the girls did in “Opera of The Bells”. The girls also slayed an original hit with the album titled single “8 Days of Christmas”. Kelly continues the Holiday originality for new festiveness with chronicles of her movie “Merry Liddle Christmas”, “Merry Liddle Christmas Wedding”, amd “Merry Liddle Christmas Baby”. We are looking forward to seeing Jacquie Liddle a.k.a Kelly Rowland airing chronicles every Holiday.


    Ashanti has contributed to our holiday vibes, gracing us with Holiday movie roles, live performances, and an album. Ashanti released “Ashanti’s Christmas” as her third studio album and first Holiday album on November 18, 2003. She then released “A Wonderful Christmas” as a holiday EP via  iTunes on December 3, 2013. The five-song EP,  featured recordings from the Lifetime original movie Christmas In The City.


    Ashanti played the role of Teanna Musk, a sexy villain in the movie “Christmas in The City”. In 2019 Ashanti appeared in “A Christmas Winter Song”. She plays Clio, the friend of Fred (Stan Shaw), a former musician down on his luck, and welcomes him into her shop to perform for the customers. Besides their love of performing, Clio and Fred also have their share of family struggles in common.


    Kelly Rowland, Mariah Carey, and Ashanti are one of the many signs of the Holiday. Let us know who reminds you of Christmas, we would love to share in the holiday spirit.

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