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    Kid Cudi Nude And Enthused For Esquire With Only A Sock

    In later days you can find Kid Cudi nude and enthused for Esquire barring it all even his relationship with Kanye. He spoke to Clover Hope about the power of maintaining happiness during normal life. Previous to his interview with Esquire the 38-year Olds mental health was at an all-time low. He was checked into a rehab.

    With over five years since he last toured Kid Cudi headlined the Governors Ball Music Festival in New York. Which ran for three days in May. During his interview he referred to the show as a warmup in preparation for the “To The Moon” tour.

    Kid Cuddi told Clover Hope that with his new journey, record label, and more he’s starting to wake up more enthused. Additionally stating he finally has his stuff together and feels like the adult he wanted to be.

    “I actually can say, at thirty-eight, that I love myself. And I couldn’t have said that six years ago. I can say that with confidence now and truly believe it, and it shows.”

    He’s pursuing passion projects while actively seeking long-term love and being a celebrity dad to his preteen daughter, Vada Mescudi, who wants to be a singer and is experiencing fame secondhand.

    He recently spoke during Youth Anxiety Center dinner cohosted by Anna Wintour. He spoke out about his anxiety in his last documentary, A Man Named Scott. Which aired in 2021 on Amazon Prime.

    One would think that maybe after the turmoil at Rolling Loud in Miami that Kid Cudi may sink into anxiety again. But according to his interview with Esquire he is far from it.

    He even spoke about the ordeal with Kanye all while distancing himself from past drama. But first the “Day and Night” artist cleared up any misconceptions. He explained that Kanye West never launched his career. When the two met he was already in the midst of his career. But then signed with G.O.O.D. From there jumped on West’s 2008 album, 808s & Heartbreaks—before releasing his own debut album, Man on the Moon: The End of Day in 2009.

    Kid Cudi left the record label in 2013, amicably. But when he heard his vocals on Kanye’s, “Yeezus” album he called him out. However, after another dispute with Kanye, the two settled and created a duo album in 2018, Kids See Ghosts. 

    Then the Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian relationship occurred. Since Pete Davidson and Kid Cudi were friends, but so was Kanye and Kid Cudi, West felt as though sides had to be chosen.

    As a result, of Pete Davidson and Kid Cudi remaining friends, Kanye West removed him from the Donda 2 album. But the “Pursuit of Happiness’ singer only found out from social media.

    He admitted that it messed with his mental. Kid Cudi states he has zero tolerance for wrong energies. Therefore, the two are no longer friends. Nor will they work together again.

    Kid Cudi nude and bearing all the emotional changes in his new profound happiness.

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