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    Kim Kardashian dresses like Aaliyah for Halloween 2017. This is not the first time a Kardashian or Jenner sister posed as a celebrity pop star for Halloween. Kylie was seen recently as Christina Aguilera in her “Dirty” video. This is also not the first time Kim has done an Aaliyah imitation.
    In 2012 Kim K posted a picture of her hairstyle with a caption ” Aaliyah Hair”. Aaliyah fans were not so excited about it. However, they did realize that Kim is a big Aaliyah fan.
    Kim and Aaliyah actually ran closely in the same circle. Aaliyah being close friends with Nicole Richie who was also friends with Kim. Plus we all know with Kim dating Ray J, being the brother of Brandy, who was also friends with Aaliyah; the circle was not too far spread.

    However, the backlash of the 2012 caption did not stop Kim from snapchatting her video of Aaliyah for Halloween of 2017. Did Kim nail this look?

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