Kim Kardashian Explains Chicago’s name on The Ellen Show

Kim Kardashian Explains to Ellen how baby Chicago was named Chicago, along with all the details of baby Chicago’s birth.

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According to kim K, there were two with a possible three other average names in mind for the third child. The original suggestion was for Chicago to be named after Kim’s grandmother Mary Jo. Kim says they were just going to name her Jo. Grace was the second option, which is probably because of the roller coaster of feelings Kim endured while desiring a third child, and finally Find a was a possibility. Find a is the name of Kate’s mother, who is highly recognized in the city of Chicago. She also owns a musical school. However, Kim says the name would be a lot for Chicago to have to live up to.

Ellen had initially suggested names for Kim and Kate’s third child, but wasn’t chosen because they were not one syllable names. Ellen was a little confused on what changed their minds.


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