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    Kirk Franklin Speaks On his Thoughts On Son Kerrion Franklin Arrest

    Kirk Franklin and Kerrion Franklin deal with life after jail. In Dec. 2021, Kerrion shared a video of his father and their private conversation on Instagram. In the audio clip, the Grammy-winning artist can be heard screaming and using un Americanized standard language and making statements like “ before I put my foot up yo ass.”

    About 28 minutes into his interview on “The Breakfast Club” on Thursday, June 16, DJ Envy asked if the two have healed from their incident. Kirk said, “We historically have tried to keep our journey with our son and his state a private family matter. Listen, I love my son and we’ve been here for many, many years. I’ve done everything that I could to try to help him for many, many, many years.”

    The 52-year-old describes his son as a “very talented. Also noting him as specially wired.

    “It’s not necessarily his fault. Some of us are born with very unique wires, and a lot of times in our community it is hard for us to acknowledge certain wires. We want to think it’s something else,” he explained. “We see people outside of our community … they’re very quick to lean toward science and medicine and information, right? Not our community.”

    He acknowledged that historically Black people are “distrusting” of medical systems, the health care system, science, and systems as a whole. “We have had to walk through many layers historically with my son,” he added, before mentioning his son’s arrest.

    After the incident, Kerrion continued speaking in his mental health and father son relationship to the public. But, on April 10th 2021, the 34-year-old experienced an unforgettable blame himself. Officials pulled Kerrion Franklin over while driving a vehicle that belonged to a missing woman Beverly Hills police believed to be dead. The “Bad Boys: Los Angeles” star claimed he was set up after a firearm was reportedly found in the car. He was released on June 1.

    The ‘Stomp’ singer explained how he felt about the incident. “Right now I am proud of him. It’s because he is … we are privately trying to address some of those things, and I have to realize, Envy, that he may never understand the gravity of what he did. And for me I may have to live with that and put his well-being before what he did.”

    He said, “As a 34-year-old man, his willingness to accept the uniqueness of how God has wired him and to embrace that. And to embrace the tools that are available would be a very beautiful thing is because that will give you a greater opening of understanding what life is about. It gives you context. More than anything, I’m grateful that he felt like in his darkness hour that we pulled up.”

    Additionally, the ‘Imagine Me singer’,  shouted out to Kerrion’s mother, Shawn Ewing, whom he called a “hero.” He admitted to “disappointed” in his reaction caught on camera. But also stated “there were two separate recordings” from “two different days.”

    “I hadn’t talked to my son in five years when he called me. But I do want people to know I love him,” he admits. “I want the world to hear it loud. I love my son.”

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