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    LA La Milan Only Fans Account Revelation Kevin R Samuels Conversations and Confessions – Comedy

    La La Milan only fans account revelation sealed the deal with her conversation and confessions session with Kevin R Samuels.

    Samuels is known for dealing the truth on a mans perspective while interviewing women who are looking to improve their love life. A video of Samuels went viral when Worldstar posted a video of Samuels agreeing with a guest on how she appeared to men. The virally named “Average At Best” video either made you love Samuels for his honesty, or hate him for not sugar coating his opinion.

    Nevertheless, this didn’t stop him from having continual guests on his IG show “Conversations and Confessions”.

    La La Milan decided to step into the hot seat this week with Samuels concluding, “I can’t make this Shyt Up”.

    Milan’s honesty to his questions had us floored on how factual it is to many but how hilarious it sounds coming out in a conversation. Her blatant answers to the 2021 woman love life ended with a click, but not before she could throw some punches at Samuels aiming at the video that seemingly captured a man laying in his bed.

    In the skit Kevin R. Samuels asks, do you think your husband will be a musician, an actor, or an athlete?

    Milan answers, yes.

    Milan: My resume kind of speaks for itself.

    Kevin R Samuels: Of Dicks

    Milan: You do too

    Samuels went on to ask about the past relationship in the skit.

    Samuels: Did he play professional sports or did he play Canadian basketball?

    La La Milan: He was a drug dealer but then he went to the NBA.

    Samuels: You deserve what you get, that’s why we laugh at women like you.

    La La Milan: Whoa I bring way more to the table then that … I need somebody whose established I make good money.

    Samuels: Did you go to college?

    La La Milan: Yes

    Samuels: What do you do for a living?

    La La Milan: Only Fans

    … and then there was the click

    Press play below to see the entire comedy skit and subscribe to us online for more entertainment news.



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