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    Lamar Odom Talks About Will Smith Smacking Chris Rock

    Lamar Odom talks about Will Smith smacking Chris Rock. He stated that if he would have stood up for his wife he may still be married.

    Although we do not condone violence, it raises questions. So How far does your spouse go to stand up for you?

    In the Instagram post Lamar Odom talks about Will Smith Smacking Chris Rock saying, he loves his wife.

    He continued to say, I do not condone violence against anyone.
    @willsmith loves @jadapinkettsmith
    I was told love covers a multitude of sins.♥️

    I see everyone arguing the merits of this altercation, taking side, dragging them both to hell when it all boils down to love. He loves his wife. She was hurting, it is a husband’s responsibility to protect his wife. That is what he vowed to God and her, he owes us ZERO explanation as to why he chose to hit @chrisrock , he did what a husband is called to do. Protect his wife, from anything and anyone who causes her pain.

    Had I protected my wife versus mentally, emotionally and spiritually hurting her, I may still be married.

    Lets use this as a teaching moment, lets learn to set boundaries, lets learn to be humble, lets learn to embrace and forgive each other in the midst of our trials and tribulations versus sitting on a throne of judgement.

    Last I checked we (the peanut gallery 😳) do not have a heaven or hell to put anyone in. Same thing that makes you laugh will bring you to your knees.

    Sending good vibes only. Check my story I am in need of some services!💪🏽
    Love y’all for loving and supporting me ~ LO

    This is not the first time Chris Rock has made Jada the joke of the night. Previously in 2016 he jokes about Jada being passionate for boycotting the Oscars.

    Do you think Will Smith went too far, or did Chris Rock go too far?

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