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    Leave Akuapem Poloo Alone and provide beds for maternity wards, fix broken Economy



    Songstress, Jane Awindor, popularly known as Efya, has joined the free Akuapem Poloo campaign, openly scolding the Ghanaian Government for what she considered to be “misplaced priorities.”

    The multiple award-winning musician seems to be at a lost as to why Government will channel its energy and resources into remanding Akuapem Poloo into police custody over alleged publication of a nude photo when there are serious issues of national concern – such as poor roads – that are not looked at.

    Akuapem Poloo, a Ghanaian actress is facing legal trial for allegedly releasing nude photo of herself and her son. She released the photo in 2020, initially generating mixed reactions from the general public.

    The decision by an Accra Circuit Court on Wednesday, April 14, 2021, to remand her, has caused public uproar.

    African Entertainment has seen the social media landscape in Ghana being taken by storm by persons – including celebrities and journalists – who are demanding for the release of Akuapem Poloo.

    Like thousands of Ghanaians who are expressing their disapprovals with the Court’s decision on social media, African Entertainment has sighted several tweets from Efya in gross condemnation of the action by the state to remand Akuapem Poloo.

    The versatile singer and songwriter simply cannot fathom why the State is turning blind eyes to the plethora of socioeconomic challenges bedeviling the country.

    She observed that young girls across Ghana were being abused; maternity wards are without beds; and the Ghanaian economy grossly in disarray. But instead of focusing on fixing the mess in the system to better the lives of Ghanaians, she said the Government with “misplaced priorities” was concentrating on Akuapem Poloo.

    “This whole issue with akuapem poloo is beyond me .. we have abused girls , no beds at maternity wards !!! Accidents here n there … Economy Gbas .. And This Is What is being highlighted.. for what purpose..?? I can’t understand it ! Chale .. Wabl3 😩,” she tweet

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