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    Lil Kim Reveals That Nick Cannon is Now her Manager

    Lil Kim Reveals That Nick Cannon is Now her Manager

    Lil’ Kim, a trailblazer in her own right, took on some pretty intimidating new trails in the most recent episode of Complex’s Hiking with Rappers. 

    Though she’s not much of a hiker, Lil Kim braved most of the trail via golf cart and was open and honest with host King Keraun about her favorite drunken memories, her most iconic outfits, and the artists she draws most inspiration from. 

    Kim and her bag of candy braved the LA hiking trails while rocking a pair of hikers from Timberland’s new Greenstride collection. GreenStride’s soles are naturally lightweight and comfortable. made from a 75% combination of renewable sugar cane and responsibly sourced rubber, offering cushion and rebound with every step.

    One bombshell Kim dropped was all about her career’s new direction. When asked what she has coming up next, Kim revealed that not only does she have a new holiday classic on the way, but she is under some surprising new management.

    “I just shot a movie with Nick Cannon,” she said. “Nick Cannon, people don’t even know, like he’s one of my best friends. We’ve been best friends for years, like 20 years or something. And we just shot a movie called Miracle Across 125th Street. It’s like the Friday of Christmas movies.” 

    “It’s part of my next level. Nick is convincing me,” she added. “You know he’s my manager?”

    When Keraun joked about Cannon’s recently sprawling family, Kim joked “Yeah, I think they’re all on Drake’s album cover.” 

    Kim also has a new memoir, The Queen Bee, hitting bookstore shelves on November 2. She cites one of the industry’s greats with a lengthy career of his own as one of her biggest inspirations. 

    “One of the people who is near and dear to me, and who I was so impressed by and who I learned so much from is Charlie Wilson,” she explained. “He will always be my uncle. He was the epitome of what an artist should be.” 

    Watch more of Kim’s hike and chat above. 

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