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    Man Suing Nicki Minaj’s Husband Over Alleged Backstage Assault Submits Medical Records, X-ray of Broken Jaw in Court

    The security guard who sued Nicki Minaj over an alleged assault by her husband Kenneth Petty pleaded with the court to finally grant him a default judgment – and used his medical records to help convince the judge.

    According to court documents obtained by, Thomas Weidenmuller, submitted a series of doctor notes and an X-ray of his broken jaw in the case.

    Weidenmuller asked that the court award him $503k in damages after Minaj and Petty failed to respond to his suit despite being served. The court shut down his previous attempts to obtain a default judgment due to technicalities.

    In his suit, Weidenmuller said he worked as a security guard at Minaj’s concert on March 22, 2019, in Germany.

    During her performance, a fan broke the security barrier and jumped on stage. The fan did not make contact with Minaj but the incident allegedly upset the rapper.

    Following the show, while backstage, Weidenmuller said he came upon Minaj yelling at a female security guard about the fan making it on stage.

    Weidenmuller claimed Minaj was filming the female guard with her phone while demanding answers.

    Weidenmuller said he tried to intervene but that infuriated Minaj. He said she threw a shoe at him but missed.

    The guard said Minaj told Petty about the incident. He said he was then asked to come to a private room for Minaj.

    Weidenmuller said he arrived at the room to find Minaj, Petty and 2 of Minaj’s personal guards inside.

    The suit read, “[Minaj] repeatedly screamed obscenities at him. She shouted, “Who do you think you are?” and demanded to know why he interrupted her when she attempted to video record her confrontation with the female security guard. She once again referred to the female security guard as a “fucking b—-” and falsely insisted that Weidenmüller must have a physical or romantic relationship with her.”

    “While Minaj screamed obscenities at me, Petty repositioned himself out of my eyesight and without warning struck me in the fact, which stunned and disoriented me. Because of the surprise nature of the attack, I am not sure as to whether Petty hit me with his fist or with a weapon,” Weidenmuller said.

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