Mel B’s Private Emails Used as Evidence in Custody War Over 11-Year-Old Daughter, Spice Girls Star Rips Ex-husband


Mel B’s emails to her ex-husband Stephen Belafonte have been released as evidence in their nasty custody war over their 11-year-old daughter Madison, has learned.

As we first reported, Mel and Stephen are currently fighting over where Madison will live. Currently, the child lives with Stephen in Los Angeles. He has most of the custody and Madison makes trips to visit Mel in the UK throughout the year.

Stephen recently asked the court for permission to move to Florida. He said there were better work opportunities in Miami. He argued the move would allow for shorter flights for Madison when she visits Mel.

In response, Mel demanded Madison move to the UK to live with her instead. She said she had “serious concerns” about Stephen’s ability to parent. In addition, she questioned whether he was drinking excessively and demanded he submit to random drug tests.

Mel said she was initially granted primary custody of Madison. However, she had to move overseas after her work visa expired in the summer of 2019.

As part of the battle, a private email sent by Mel to Stephen in August 2022 was revealed. The email accused Stephen of refusing to allow Madison to take a trip with her sisters to Paris while on a trip to the UK.

Mel wrote to her ex-husband telling him he had messed up their plans with his “unreasonable concerns and demands.”

She said he had forced her to incur legal costs “requesting your permission” which she claimed made Madison’s “entire trip with her sisters stressful and full of fear.” Mel said the trip to Paris was canceled due to Stephen’s “abusive control and demands leaving everyone in tears.”

A judge has yet to rule on custody.

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