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    There is nothing more powerful than when a group of women come together to make money moves … because who runs the world “girls”. Chicago has been the place to go when it comes to finding supportive groups to reach out to and receive inspiration. A group called 40 Under 40 focuses on women coming together under the age of 40 providing mentorship to each others growth and entrepreneurship. The goal of creating in your youth and passing the torch when it is time is impressive and indigenous.

    The company is a non for profit organization founded by Founder Cheresa Purnell. In her bio on her the site she says:
    In 2015, the Next Generation (NGen) Council and I set out on a mission to build a network of young professional women who support the holistic development of future trailblazers through the conduits of leadership, service, and philanthropy. With that goal in mind, we founded the 40 Under 40 Young Women Professionals League.Overall, I am still truly amazed by the synergy of the 40 Under 40 Young Women Professionals League and what we have been able to achieve in less than a year. At our next award ceremony, we will induct our next 40 young women leaders into our 40 Under 40 Young Women Professionals League. I am excited and eager to continue this work of building young women leaders.“.
    Gyrlversion, got a chance to join one of their events, to get an inside scoop on the women inducted and how 4o Under 4o has helped their growth as young entrepreneurs. The talk panel included a fashion blogger and model Tatiana Jones, Minister and educator Jacqueline Horbrook, Author and Executive Tonie Neshelle, Apparel Designer and Author Delisa New Williams, and host Laisha Fox. Cheresa Purnell began the discussion on why it is important to come together and talk, with very valid point of having open discussion can either build you up or break you down, but at the end of the day it isn’t always what you know, it is who you know. This validates the purpose of the organization with bringing young women together, creating a relationship family, rather it may be personal or business, and building from those relationships.
    Delisa Williams spoke about her journey into entrepeneuship. She was initially a corporate worker like most American’s, eventually the company she was employed for shut down, and she was thrown into becoming a business owner. She began a T shirt business with her husband ( The Hem Of His Garment ), as business years went on, she began to write a book entitled “No Longer Am I a Baby Mama”. The book talks about her journey into a relationship, and how she had a 90 day rule .. did we say 90 day “sure did”. During the process of her busy career Delisa tells how she didn’t really have the support of her mother, and relied on the girls in the group to support her and lift her up. 40 Under 40 was by her side during press releases and promotion. When her success hit her mother was a bit uneasy at the fact that she did not receive a thank you from her daughter for support. Delisa had to remind her mother of how much she loved her but also where her true support derived.

    Tatiana Jones, fashion blogger also spoke on how she went through a divorce during the rise of her career, because of an unsupportive husband and family who questioned where her life was heading. Tatiana Jones a.k.a Totally Tot, said she grew up in a family that was very well dressed, so when she began taking photos of her fashion they didn’t take it seriously. She also talked about losing a friend during her growth and how they regained friendship at a later time, and became even closer. During her times of trials and tribulations she had the support of her girls in 40 Under 40. Totally Tot continues to inspire women with faith and curves to live their best life through fashion. She has been successful and has been featured on Windy City Bloggers.
    Minister Jacqueline Horbrook, talked about the support with 40 under 40, and how she can rely on them when it comes to advice. Being and educator and minister she finds herself with a lot of people who rely on her advice, but when you need advice who can you run to when everyone else is looking at you. Minister Horbrook has been able to channel her ministry into teaching, hosting Jackie The Educator. She created a blog and online radio giving advice and resolution to listeners.

    Tonie Neshelle, author of Faith Hope Love talked about her struggle of becoming successful but shedding friends. Tonie Neshelle also runs a daycare. At the beginning of her career she was very strict on being the boss and not the friend, as a result she found out that some of her workers respected her out of fear and not out of respect. Being a part of 40 Under 40 allowed her to open up a bit of a softer side with her workers, it made her brand better, and when she came to a tearful point of friendship loss she had the support of the group. As a result she wrote her book based on affirmations and uplifting others.
    40 Under 40 has been a supportive group of affirmation, revelation, and branding. The organization has over 100 inductees, and thousands of supporters. These women are making money moves and development for more women to come.

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