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Folasade Ayegbusi Could Save Your Business Over 25 Million A Year

Folasade Ayegbusi is best know as the Accountability Account. She has conquering money issues and helping tons of businesses.  Folasade has been saving her clients over $25 million in one year, and making accounting super easy to understand and digest.

The most relatable accountant on social media inspires companies to focus on productivity instead of being busy. Folasade Ayegbusi has been breaking down how to identity illegitimate tax preparers who charge huge fees to file for taxes because they know they will end up being arrested. So what we took from that is that, they are charging business their bail out money.

When it comes to business expenses Folasade says, ” You need to ask yourself three things before buying anything. Is it needs, necessity, or wants.” Those three questions can save an entrepreneur, especially a small business a lot of money.

The accountability accountant even provides affirmation, keeping the adrenaline for most of her business owners to consistantly work hard instead of giving up. “All good things you desire, you will have. If you’re not saving money, that’s being irresponsible! How are you going to tell the universe that you’re going to be a money magnet if you’re not willing to save?”

Folasade Ayegbusi has been featured on Fox, ABC 7, an Lets Talk Live DC. You can  get more help from her at Suncrest Financials.



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