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    Newsom: Recall win shows Dems should stiffen our spines on Covid action

    Maloney (D-N.Y.), who is leading his party’s efforts to retain control of the House in next year’s midterm elections, instructed Democrats to “own the anger” over the pandemic in the aftermath of the California recall, which saw almost two-thirds of voters reject the question of whether to oust Newsom as governor.

    “The one default switch the Republicans have is to be angry about something and to say it’s someone else’s fault, and we spend all that time explaining what we’re trying to do.” Maloney told MSNBC. “Right now, there is a reason that the pandemic is still going on. It’s because they underplayed it at the beginning, they dragged their feet on mask-wearing, and now, at every stage, they’re trying to stop the mask mandates where they make sense. We should embrace them.”

    The remarks from the governor and member of Congress come after President Joe Biden intensified his federal coronavirus response last week — announcing plans to mandate Covid-19 vaccinations for all federal workers, as well as staff at all health facilities that receive federal funding. The administration also is developing regulations that will mandate employers with more than 100 workers institute requirements that they receive vaccinations or submit to regular testing.

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