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    Nick Hogan Whisked Away in Cuffs for DUI

    Newly obtained bodycam footage shows the moments leading up to Nick Hogan‘s DUI arrest in Florida last November, can report.

    In a 53-minute video, it shows the 33-year-old speaking with cops following an alleged alcohol-fueled driving incident, at one point refusing a breathalyzer test. He seemed to be stalling, and the cop got a little frustrated.

    “Listen, I’ve read it to you,” an officer said, explaining that for a first-time refusal, his license can be suspended for up to one year, adding that in cases of a second or subsequent refusal, the suspension period extends to 18 months.

    When asked what he wanted to do, Nick said, “Can’t make a decision.”

    Nick unwittingly flagged authorities when he drove toward a set of three Clearwater Police Department vehicles in his black 2021 Dodge Ram going above the 40 MPH speed limit, according to the affidavit, which logged it as a misdemeanor, stating that one officer tried to signal with a flashlight to move over a lane as they were conducting a traffic stop — something Nick didn’t do.

    Officers observed a “strong odor” of alcohol when they pulled him over with a friend in the car, and the affidavit noted his balance was off and he had bloodshot, glassy eyes. Nick “performed poorly” on field sobriety tests, police stated.

    He was arrested around 1:42 AM, cuffed, and booked into Pinellas County Jail for “suspicion of driving under the influence.”

    It was earlier revealed that Nick had worked from the DJ booth during a bikini contest at his father Hulk Hogan‘s restaurant hours before he was pulled over. Hulk was at the scene and questioned if his son was doing alright.

    After his arrest, Nick was held on a $500 bond. Newly filed court docs in December obtained by showed that a condition of his release was that he is not to frequent bars, clubs, or establishments where alcoholic beverages are primarily served.

    A lawyer on his behalf pleaded for the judge to modify his arrangement, “The Defendant is a Disc Jockey and we are requesting that he may be allowed to perform his job as a DJ (at bars or clubs) while this case is pending.”

    J. Kevin Hayslett told that his client pleaded not guilty to the DUI charge while offering clarification on his request to the court.

    “This is a motion that is typically filed by people for people that work in and around alcohol which is routinely granted by judges if that is a source of income,” Hayslett said.

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