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    Nigerian Influencer Ramon Abbas Hushpuppi Pulled Anna Delvey Move And Got 11 Years In Prison

    A Nigerian Social media influencer Ramon Abbas is one of many like Anna Delvey receiving prison time for cash donations.

    The influencer goes by the name Ray Hushpuppi. In wake of the sentence the 40-year-old influencers social media page was taken down. However, many fan pages still exist.

    The flaunting influencer pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit money laundering in April of last year. Most recently, a California judge ruled that Abbas must pay $1.7 million in restitution to two fraud victims in addition to his prison sentence.

    According to reports, Hushpuppi married his now so call ex-wife Shawana Nakeshia in order to gain citizenship. This gave him access to St. Kitts. However, others say the marriage documents were not even real and that they were forged.

    Ramon Abbas flaunting lifestyle included flaunting lavish lifestyle of private jets, luxury cars, high-end clothes, and watches.

    Additionally, The US Department of Justice stated on Monday that Abbas, 40, also preyed on people using so-called business email compromise scams (BEC).

    “Ramon Abbas, a.k.a. ‘Hushpuppi,’ targeted both American and international victims, becoming one of the most prolific money launderers in the world,” Don Alway, the Assistant Director in charge of the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI) Los Angeles Field Office.

    “This significant sentence is the result of years’ worth of collaboration among law enforcement in multiple countries and should send a clear warning to international fraudsters that the FBI will seek justice for victims, regardless of whether criminals operate within or outside United States borders,” Alway said in a release.

    According to reports, Ramon Abbas planned a scheme in 2020. The con artist targeted a Qatari businessman into sending him hundreds of thousands of dollars. The plea agreement revealed Abbas and a companion’s misleading tactics with an unnamed business owner. The plan led the business owner to believing that Abbas needed cash in order to secure a $15 million loan. The loan would fund a school and cover associated tax expenses.

    But instead, he spent the money on a $230,000 Swiss watch. Also, citizenship, and a passport from the Caribbean country of St. Kitts and Nevis.

    The influencer complied with his plea deal.

    This included admitting to participating in schemes to launder about $14.7 million stolen from a bank in Malta in 2019. According to Justice Department officials, the stolen money targeted North Korean government.

    Federal prosecutors claim that Abbas also assisted in laundering millions of pounds taken from a British company as well as a professional soccer team in the country. He convinced a law firm in New York to transfer nearly $923,000 to a criminal account.

    “Abbas bragged on social media about his lavish lifestyle – a lifestyle funded by his involvement in transnational fraud and money laundering conspiracies targeting victims around the world,” said United States Attorney Martin Estrada.

    A fraudulent email revealed instructions on how to wire money to the fraudster.

    FBI data shows that about 116,400 Americans lost $14.7 billion between October 2013 and December 2021 due to business email compromise scams.

    “Money laundering and business email compromise scams are a massive international crime problem, and we will continue to work with our law enforcement and international partners to identify and prosecute those involved, wherever they may be,” Estrada said.


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