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    Offset And Cardi B Are Back Together No More Groupies

    Offset and Cardi B are back together, with one condition for the rapper. Offset proposes to Cardi that he is done with the groupies.
    Fans were speculating that Cardi B and Offset would give love another try when the couple was seen vacationing together. Cardi also noted a few times on how much she missed her husband.
    The rapper made it very clear in many ways that he didn’t care about the mistresses. He posted noticeable comments on social media. One of those comments stated, “Fuck Yall I Miss Cardi”.

    Cardi was spotted leaving court on Thursday (January 31) by paparazzis. She confirmed that she and Offset are giving their relationship another try. After a photographer asked her if she’s back with the Migos rapper she responded: “We’re working things out, baby.” Check out the footage below:

    TMZ also reported that Cardi B and Offset are taking steps to start living under the same roof again. Sources told the gossip site that Cardi is planning to return to their Atlanta home, which they shared before their split, very soon after he promised to change his ways. In addition, The Offset reportedly changed his phone number. He wanted to prove he’s “serious about being honest and faithful. He has also implemented a “no groupies” rule. According to the insider, the rapper “wants Cardi to know he’s serious about their marriage.” However, he has to past his first test this coming Super Bowl weekend. The source said Offset has already taken steps to make sure no female fans are around him.

    Needless to say we knew this was coming. It’s only been a week since Cardi hinted that she was missing her ex when she shared a sweet photo of him kissing and holding their six-month-old daughter Kulture with this cute caption: “I wanna go home.” She also included a number of heart emojis.


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